DOOBZ Tube Jar


The perfect size stash jar for the perfectly, or maybe not so perfectly, rolled herb.  This handy, compact, discreet, smell proof jar is just slightly longer than the 1 1/4 size RAW papers supplied in our Alpha and Voyager lines.  It will accomodate up to 5 decent sized rolls.  With a keychain it can be attached to almost anything.  Made from high grade aluminum alloy with threaded lid and rubber gasket to keep out the elements and keep in the smell.  Use this baby on the go with your pre-rolls or use it for a collector of all your smoked leftovers.  If neither of those suits you then be creative and hide a $50 bill in there for those moments where you're stuck!


*Always consume cannabis responsibly and follow all Federal, provincial and municipal laws.  Please ensure all cannabis products and accessories are kept out of the hands of anyone under the legal age.